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About Our Club


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Edinboro Fencing Club

Winter is here and we know what that means. Well, yes, it means THIRTY feet of snow at Edinboro but what I meant was that the Edinboro Fencing Club is back in action. Check back often to see what we are up too. . . .other than shoveling our butts out of the blizzards . . . .

History of Our Club

The Edinboro Fencing Club began in the Fall of 2000 to expose those of the student body and of the neighboring community to the wonderful sport of Fencing. We are small but we are hoping to get bigger and we welcome all that are interested in the sport. Fencing is an age old sport that started hundreds of years ago. It was one of the original sports in the first modern Olypmic Games. Edinboro Fencing specializes in Foil Fencing but we are hoping to branch out into Epee or Sabre soon.

Our Club Officers

President and Founder: Nathan Beatty

Vice-President: Holly Mongi

Treasurer: Kristin Walzer

Secretary: Deidre Seymour