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Here are the members of the Edinboro Fencing Club

Edinboro Fencing Club

Here are the members of our club! Note: I apoligize for those that do not have last names. I do not have your last name but if you want me to correct it just e-mail me.
This is the List you will use when Voting for offices.  The offices are:
Please take sometime and think about who you want to lead the club.  Send your votes to with who you are voting for, what position you want them in, and your name.  Remember: Not allowed to vote for anyone not on this list.  Not allowed to vote for yourself.  Not allowed to vote for Nathan Beatty! 

Nathan Beatty
Kristin W.
Holly Mongi
Deidre Seymour
Dustin Gikas
Daniel Granche
Todd Smith
Brett Burger
Jon Bieda
Josh Murzynski
Jason Kane
Todd Smith
Mike (Tito) Nuyent